Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders is a hour long travel television program that follows the adventures of Allan Karl as he rides around the world on his motorcycle. Saturday Sound is responsible for overseeing all audio on this project including recording on location in exotic locations like China and Burma. Saturday Sound also provides an all new original musical score for the project.


A beautiful short film by Panayioti Yannitsos set in small village in Greece. Saturday Sound provided all of the music and sound design for this film.

Beneath the Rubble

A small film documenting the disaster of the Oklahoma Tornado in 2013. Panayioti Yannitsos, the director brings us to Moore Oklahoma, where he shows the devastation and desolation that this natural disaster left in it’s wake. Accompanied by a music composition done by James Spittal.

The music was finished in under 24 hours using synthesis and sequencing found in Ableton Live.


In this short-film directed by Panayioti Yannitsos I was responsible for all audio, on and off of set. The film went on to win several accolades all over the globe, including sweeping all three awards at the Toronto Greek American 48-Film Fest.

Shadows – Original Soundtrack

A entire musical soundtrack written by Saturday Sound. This was made for the video game Shadows set to release soon!

As Our Souls Decay

Winner of Best Art Direction at the 48-hour Vancouver Blood Shots Festival this Film directed by Izaiah Kane and Panayioti Yannitsos was started and finished in under 2 days. I was responsible for all sound on and off set. This including Location Audio, and entire original musical score and post production.


The Wooden Bowl

A short film shot by Bean Brothers Films. During this time I was responsible for all audio from on set to the music, and post production.


A song I composed was blessed to get a visual treatment by the amazing Ektrn. It’s called Tracker.